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First Aid 


A sling is a device used to immobilize an injured arm. It is most typically used when an arm is fractured or when a shoulder is dislocated. A sling holds the injured arm in a slightly raised and horizontal position.

To apply a basic sling, take the following steps:

  1. Find a triangular bandage or a piece of cloth. Have the individual hold the injured arm horizontally against the body and support the injured arm with the other healthy arm. Slide the triangular bandage or cloth in between the injured arm and body.

  2. Place one end of the bandage around the opposite healthy shoulder, wrap the bandage around the injured arm, and connect the end of the bandage around the neck with the bandage hanging from the healthy shoulder. Tie a square knot.

  3. Twist the fabric hanging around the injured elbow until it is snug and tie a knot or tuck the excess fabric into the sling. 

  4. Bind the sling around the body with another triangular bandage, and check circulation. 

  5. Seek medical care.

Basic Sling



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